Tobacco Factory Market

Tobacco Factory Market

(with Dudes & Dogs)


It was the first of December and it was the very first Christmas Market for the Tobacco Factory in Bedminister, Bristol. Dudes & Dogs and I decided to tackle our FIRST stall together.


Dudes & Dogs — what it is it?


Well, the whole concept behind it came from the owner, Rob Osman. Throughout his experience, he suffered with social anxiety since he was 10 years old (esp around girls and now women, however he seems to keep his cool around me though? haha), his dreams of becoming any type of professional athlete went out the door when he broke his back in his 20s, and not to mention loosing his father around the same era. Well, like anyone else, he went through some deep shit.

It was then he became interested in psychology and counselling when he started to realise that actually — we all suffer from doubts and demons inside our own head. As a bloke and being labeled “the jolly big guy” he had a lot of issues (like anyone else) that people just didn’t know about and didn’t seem to actually take into consideration.

At his roughest times in life, he couldn't help but realise that if it wasn't for his baby girl, Mali, the beautiful four legged Viszla to show him a bit of fresh air everyday, then he wouldn't be so open and vulnerable as he is now. He became more aware of how much being out in nature and walking could do for you and your mental well being. Hence, the ‘& Dogs’ part. Now ‘Dudes’, well we all know they don’t like to talk, so being a guy and coming from experience, it was definitely appropriate and felt good for him to begin his journey of helping people by collectively starting a community of ‘Dudes & Dogs —a mental well being initiative to encourage men to get out in the open air and talk.’

Now how do I come into all of it? Well, Rob and I know the same barber [and friend], Matt . Yes barber, and I came in one day to give Matt some of my BEanies 

and Rob, was in the chair at the time getting a cut and loved the affirms and asked me to help him out with starting his merchandise. I said HELL YA and that’s where it all began, not too mention we both have dogs and they are both Vizslas. Coincidence? I think not.

So here we are working together to bring awareness to mental well being for all: Men and Women. His speciality: men and my speciality: women. Both different individuals talking from different experiences, but aiming for the same goal — to help people.

What I have learned from this experience, is that if you’re a human and I am a human and we both are living lives the best that we can with what we have. No matter how different, or how similar we are, we must not judge, nor hold back one another. We must encourage and give a helping hand (if we can) because the ultimate goal is to promote LOVE.

Thank you Rob for letting me apart of your journey, you are truly an amazing human being. The markets went so unbelievably well and the amount of people our energy was attracting was so incredible to witness. One of my little girls came to help out and ended up getting my name out there in the Bristolian world. Not to mention, that I might’ve been blessed with an opportunity to sell my products in shop myself. Details soon to come :)





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