Where-ing Green

Where in the world do we see Green?


The forest, the grass, to the leaves on the tree. Mama Nature provides us with peace and serenity.


With equal parts of Blue & Yellow the colours combine to create green. Blue symbolising the heavens and yellow symbolising energy.

Yellow flowers with the blue sky in the background


The colour green is able to positively effect our thinking, relationships, physical health. When we sit in Mama Nature and surround our self with the plants that provide us oxygen and ground ourself in the green green grass with our feet, the colour green relieves us from stress and helps us heal.


When we decide to wear green we are welcoming in calmness. We ask for confidence in our journey of growth. We provide an aura of safety and peace.

Green tie dye reworked vintage shirtGreen tie dye reworked vintage shirtGreen tie dye reworked vintage shirt


Green is also associated with the heart chakra. Reminding us to let go of the ego and reunite with love. Circling back to Mama Nature dipped in a plethora off greenery -  she is the perfect model reminding us to give and receive love to our self and others.


As I see green associated with peace, on the contrary green can also symbolise up envy, money and illness. It all comes down to cultural influences and individual experiences that may shape our reactions to the colour.


The next time you see the colour green, take a moment to observe the emotions and moods that the colour sparks in you.

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