Q: How do I order your pieces?


A: I do limited edition collections that are available to purchase at least once a month. This means the pieces in these collections are one of a kind & everything is first come first serve. I also will have collections that are ongoing, such as hats, caps or bags. These particular collections might not be limited edition but will become available again when the monthly drop occurs. So don’t forget to turn on your alarms as some bits get sold out quickly.


Q: When are the drop dates?


A: I will announce the date about 2 weeks prior on instagram. So if you don’t already make sure you follow us @raemoonrose . It is a one woman (& three babies) show so dates might be off a few days or may take longer than usual due to unexpected situations. So thank you in advance for all your patience.


Q: Items say sold out — will you be restocking?


A: Every drop is different filled with different pieces with different designs. I do a limited edition every month so, if it does say sold out. I might be doing another round of the piece but different design & colorway. I never tend to go back to the same colours. This allows me to explore my creativity based on my life experiences and relating them to my pieces.


Q: Do you ship worldwide?


A: Yes, I do. I am located in the UK at the minute, so if you are ordering internationally I do only have a tracking option as I think this is the best way to make sure your goodies are safe.


Q: When will I receive my order?


A: Processing time takes about 5-7 days. Processing time consists of receiving the order, packaging and taking the order to the post office. Then once it is at the post office it is out of my hands. The shipping time varies according to your location. All international orders will have a tracking number provided.


Estimate Shipping Times (based on past orders):

UK 3-5 business days

Europe 5-7 business days

US varies 7-21 business days

Australia/New Zealand 14-20 business


Q: Do you do Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

Please note that we do not accept refunds. As a small business, each item is carefully crafted and managed by ourselves. We appreciate your understanding and support in helping us maintain the quality and uniqueness of our products


Q: I messaged you on instagram and you haven’t responded.


Any questions regarding RaeMoonRose or your order please use the designated email provided. My DMs can get too busy and unfortunately your message might’ve been lost. Once you send an email I usually respond within 1-2 days. raemoonrose@gmail.com