What is RaeMoonRose?

RaeMoonRose-- it’s not just a brand it represents a journey.

It began with Mama and her two little babes — The RaeMoonRose logo is inspired by the goddess symbol. Representing new beginnings, unconditional love and inevitable endings. Then once we learn that frequencies (using our own voice) have resonates and shapes we begin to transform our self moving into a higher consciousness.


RaeMoonRose Logo

Alaina Michelle, has recently gone through a deep dark place only to find herself there waiting for that very moment. She has always loved sharing her experience[s], the good, the bad, and the ugly. All of it, only to inspire others and let it be known that we are not alone. Throughout her journey, it was the affirmations she constantly used to help her along the way. These change in her thoughts & vibrations paved the road leading her here, with you. 

Affirmations just as vibrations change brainwaves and raise consciousness. 

Love is the most powerful source of energy. 

To know and understand that we are LOVE will not only raise individual beings into a higher consciousness but it will shift the world's vibrations. 

But hey, it’s your journey, we are just here to make you feel comfy.