• Where-ing Green

    When we decide to wear green we are welcoming in calmness. We ask for confidence in our journey of growth. We provide an aura of safety and peace.
  • Tobacco Factory Market

    Tobacco Factory Market (with Dudes & Dogs)   It was the first of December and it was the very first Christmas Market for the Tobacco Factory in...
  • The Calming Box

    When life becomes overwhelming and chaotic how do your self regulate your emotions?
  • The Heart Chakra

    When we are finding it hard to be fully present, it might be a time we take a moment and listen to our body. Our body reacts a lot faster than our mind. Before we can mentally grasp an understanding on what is actually causing our emotional pain, it is our own physical form that is already reacting to it.

  • Affirmations

    What are affirmations/mantras? Positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When we repea...
  • Let's Chat Heartbreak

    Have you been through it? Have you been keeping yourself from breaking down? What are your thoughts? Let’s Chat.
  • Let's Chat Happiness

    Can’t Stop the Feeling 🌈 Alright guys first video back and I cannot wait to get this ball rolling ! Let’s chat. let’s talk, let’s make it comfortable to be [un]normal . Is happiness hard to find? If you look hard enough it might be hiding underneath that big pile of acknowledgment💡. Is there anything about your life RIGHT NOW that you are unhappy with? First step: acknowledging it. Second step: what can I do to change this?